Thursday, April 15, 2010

non-rhoticity, six-foot snows, and boiled dinner

I am a Southerner, born and bred. Here some examples of things I like about the South:

the promise of a warm summer night

Bourbon Street at night, New Orleans, 1945 by Hugh Morton

drunk gossipy ladies

if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!

deep-fried food

food prepared the way the good lord intended

Sadly, in a few months I will be bidding adieu to my sweet Southern homeland. Why on Earth would I do such a thing? Because Nick and I are moving to Boston this fall. Nick got into MIT's Media Lab for his graduate studies. Because he is amazing.

Local attractions in Boston include:

non-rhotic accents

you have to check out this linguistic toy, which allows you to hear a Boston accent pronounce various words


I mean because this seems reasonable

boiled dinner

The wikipedia entry on the Cuisine of New England tells me that Yankees eat this stuff when they're not eating Boston Cream Pie and McLobster sandwiches


Discussion Question:
Tell me things about Boston that will get me excited to move there.



    fortunately, you've got enough sass to take those yankees down a peg... however, i thought you were pregnant.

  2. I hope my sass is enough to melt their icy hearts!

    Also I knew everyone was going to think I was preggo--that, my friend, is what I call publicity

    say whatever you want about me so long as you say it loudly and spell my name correctly

  3. Oh my god, it's like England with a bad accent and too much snow! Will you have to start wearing black? Are you going to be like Elle Woods when she started at Harvard Law? All pink and pretty surrounded by unfortunate looking people in grey and tweed? And Dreaux is going to be your Bruiser?


    but god willing SOMEONE up there knows how to bend and snap


  6. swan boats at the boston commons, hot dogs at fenway, newbury street, the head of the charles, and of course the best cannolis in the entire world. :-P

    also... i don't know how you feel about st. paddy's day, but nowhere does it like boston does.

    it all makes up for the snow! promise

  7. "looks like two pigs fightin' under a blanket."

    and I have nothing for Boston. But I wish you the best. Can't wait to visit.

  8. oooh siobhan, now you're speakin my language :)

    meghan, I can't wait til y'all come sample the burgers of boston!

  9. that's craziness and congrats!! when i finally get around to my great american road trip i may beg a sofa...

    (i LOVE a good Mass. accent and the Whiskey selection in Boston is far superior to any i've found round these parts.)

  10. They have an awesome aquarium. Not as great as the ATL but it is pretty awesome, and you can go to the original Cheers. Oh and you get to watch people pass out in te streets after the Boston Marathon. Love you

  11. number one reason to get you excited to move there, well ummmmm - I think your husband will be there! (wink, wink!) I happen to know you still have a HUGE crush on him! WOOOHOOOO!! Love like that makes snow fun!

  12. I hear winter in Boston is beautiful until you realize there is 8 more months of it. But I agree with Teri in Texas. Even though we thought you were going to announce that you were prego in this post, you won't have much else to do this winter.

  13. Ok, I just read the wikipedia article on New England cuisine, and upon learning that Marshmallow Fluff is from the Boston area, I would encourage you to move there right this minute.

  14. Erin--I am very comforted by the idea of the original Cheers. That was my first favorite TV show.

    Teri--You've got me on that one!!

    Megs--Let's hope MIT lets me have Nick enough this winter to keep us both warm and entertained :)

  15. I also thought you were pregnant. You'll love Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Haymarket open air market (it's a real market - not your typical overpriced anemic yuppie farmer's market), Salem (witches, Nathaniel Hawthorne's house), pizza in the North End, the Brazilian restaurants in Inman Square, the Jewish and Russian shops in Brookline. Plus, you may like that the average I.Q. of the person in the street is probably 30 points higher than some of the places you've lived (a consequence of the academic/medical/legal/scientific concentration in the Boston area).

  16. Think about all the new grocery store and couponing adventures you're about to have! You could start

  17. Museums, Italian in the North End, Chinese in Chinatown, springtime cherry blossoms in the Common, the river walk along the Charles on summer nights, window shopping on Newbury Street, hourly Bolt buses to New York, bars, and me.

  18. First off, congrats Nick! How amazing!

    Secondly, I am still very much in love with Boston. The food, the museums, how you can practically walk anywhere, and you can meet some incredible people. There's a good amount of transplants in Boston, so it makes for some wonderful and random conversations and culture.

    One time I found myself at dinner with an Argentine couple, both astrophysicists, who had just returned from sailing around the world in a sailboat. Random, right?

    Boston does not have the sweetness or hospitality of the South, but it's a great experience. Boston was very good to me and I can only hope that it will be even better for you guys.