Sunday, September 5, 2010

instructions for moving far, far away

First, you need a reason to leave.
A new job, a new lover, a new school, or just wanderlust licking
     the soles of your feet.
You will know when it is time to go.

Sometimes it helps to bring someone along with you, or to meet someone there.
     You can meet your lover there, or bring your dog along.
Sometimes it's nice to go alone.

Find a place to live.
Look for a home that feels like vacation, somehow.

You'll need to take all your things off of your shelves and out of your cabinets.
You can get boxes at liquor stores.
You can steal a thick stack of newspapers
     like the free ones that advertise cars
     or the other free ones that advertise local bands
     out of the graffitied plastic racks outside the grocery store.
They are good for wrapping the things that might break.
Only bring what you really need.
You will have to buy the packing tape.

If you are rich, pay someone to pick up all your boxes
     and carry them out of your place
     and load them into a truck
     and drive them to your new city
     and take them
          box by breaking box
     into your new home.

If you are not, you'll need to do these things yourself.
Of course, you can't do it by yourself. Your things are too heavy,
     too many.
Take the friends who rescue you out for pancakes.
Pancakes cost less than movers anyway.

Pay attention to the drive, or the flight, that takes you to your new city.
Remember where the trees start looking different.
You might leave something there.

Get good directions and
     eat breakfast every morning. You are tired.
You are not normal right now.
But take heart--
Soon you'll get there and suddenly you're there.


  1. Somehow, it's breaking my heart.

  2. Very helpful. I think this will work for my move to Germany as well.

  3. Is it snowing there yet? Did you eat any lobster rolls yet? Have you seen the freaky-ass Christian science center yet? Have you been hiking yet? Have you posted a photo of Whitey Bulger on your dash board so that you can call 911 when you recognize him yet? HAVE YOU GOTTEN EXCITED ABOUT LIVING IN BOSTON YET!?!?!?!?!

  4. It is not snowing here yet BUT I am already wearing a wooly sweater I bought at the Franklin Goodwill a few weeks ago when it was 109 degrees outside. I sort of intended it for winter but DAMN my blood is so thin and it's been dipping below 60 at night!!!!


    below 60!!!!

    the little bodega around the corner from my place sells lobster rolls. should we get one there or hold out for a really good one? I've never had one. Also lobster is pretty cheap in the grocery store here (relatively) but Nick kind of refuses to cook a living thing. I told him he needs to be more in touch with where his food comes from. I swear if I buy some he'll end up setting up a tank for them and making them our new babies

    (here's the real truth: I am getting kind of excited to be here.)

  5. This is a good poem. I think it describes moving very well.

  6. what do the trees look like in Australia? are they upside down? do they have trees?

  7. This was a most excellent piece of writing KJDeP. Writing is such a wonderful way to help the 'finding your new normal' part speed up a bit. It is SO cool that you and Nick get to find your 'new normal' together!

    Hug each other daily.

  8. Also just realized who you are (/ss), loving your blog.

  9. You are one tough cookie KJD! I can't wait to see you up there in a couple weeks!