Monday, May 2, 2011

they should arrest you and whoever dressed you

I started drinking at the crack of dawn last Friday. Against all better judgment and reason, I invited my girlfriends over to watch the royal wedding and drink champagne before work. Jess and Helen turned up right on time at 5am, only a little disoriented. Julia arrived in her bathrobe and a party hat. We had grits casserole, biscuits, berries, and at least Kate Middleton's weight in champagne.

We modified a variety of royal drinking game rules I found online to suit our purposes. We remembered Diana at every mention of her name with a MAY SHE REST (and a drink), and honored Her Majesty the Queen's presence on screen by drinking continuously.

The wedding party looked more perfect than dolls. But if you looked past the heirloom jewels and the endless rows of military medals, you could see that William and Kate really are two people in love. And that's pretty special, no matter what. I didn't expect myself to get so emotional when they exchanged vows.

We oohed, we ahhed.

We laughed, we cried.

And then, somehow, we went to work.

As for my favorite moment, well, it's between

"You look beautiful."


Discussion Question:
pssh you know what we're here to talk about. ROYAL WEDDING DISH you know you have a lot of feelings


  1. quick shag, y'all

  2. OH LAWD

    I thought royalty never knelt down in front of ANYONE!

  3. You know, just thinking of you girls hanging out together and drinking champagne at 5 AM brought tears to MY eyes. Oh and that hat is so horrific! To think she's like 5th in line to the throne. You don't have to go out very far to find the trash in that family! xo

  4. We had so much fun--you would have loved it! Would that you were here to squeal over hats with us. :)

  5. Me wrikie the Pippa

  6. That was a very memorable morning as I woke up with all of the lights a blazin and food and wine still on the table. I figured you were out for muffins and scones but actually you just left it to go to work. ;-)

  7. I thought their hats were FAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!

  8. ME. TOO. I heard the cthullu hat is being auctioned for charity.