Tuesday, August 23, 2011

who's it gonna be?

you know you lookin at a winner

Thank you, internet. I knew you'd help me find the perfect home for these size 10 men's hot pink Converse All-Stars. And you did. The entries were all amazing in their own way but there could only be one. The public has spoken.


David's days of being shoeless on the playa are over. This lawyer-by-day, burner-by-night wild man has vowed to party in these beautiful footboats until he drops. I think he's the perfect forever home for these poor orphan sneakers.

David, I hope you'll take a pic of you tearin it up in these bad boys for me to post here. I'll shoot you an email to make arrangements for shipping.


Discussion Question:
What's the best thing you've ever won in a contest?


  1. The best thing I've ever won in a contest is a pair of size 10 men's hot pink Converse All-Stars. Thank you to everyone who voted for me! And a special thank you to quidquid for her generosity.

  2. my soul, virgins

  3. I guess I'll be wearin' tranny shoes on the subway with my baklava and other treats. Oh well. Thanks to those who voted for me.

    Also, the best thing I've ever won in a contest was 100 bags of tortilla chips, which I was awarded by a tortilla chip company for coming up with a new flavor, Lime & Poblano Salsa.