Wednesday, February 3, 2010

La Photographie Nashville contest!

The absolutely wonderful Stephanie Saujon Baltz of La Photographie Nashville sent me word this week that the photo above won her blog's Best Wedding Photo of 2009 contest! That might have been influenced by the fact that my ~550 facebook friends and hundreds of girls from Stay Sassy took the time to vote for it. I appreciate it so much!

Anyway, the prize for winning is a 16 x 20 print, and Stephanie surprised me with the news that I could pick any of my wedding photos to have blown up! It only took me a moment to choose. I had to go with the amazing group shot of everyone at the reception (which is best seen great big but which I will thumbnail here anyway):

and not just because it is awesomely reminiscent of the scary old picture of the hotel patrons from The Shining:

and not just because it makes me want to sing this song when I see it:

white people, havin' fuuuuuuuun

This picture is heirloom-quality wonderful. Stephanie had to climb a precarious ladder to the DJ booth to take this picture! She really was absolutely the greatest wedding photographer a girl could ask for. She was sunny and friendly wonderful to work with, and most of all, her photos came out amazing. You can check out some of the best shots here.

our wedding in 50 photographs (a flickr album)
May 16, 2009
Nashville, TN

you'd think I was done posting my wedding photos all over the internet but you'd be wrong. you'd be so wrong.


  1. Dear Ms Q -

    Congrats on the pic, the win, the blog, and the awesome The Shining reference. See you in NOLA!


  2. I can't wait darlin!!!! I feel a nostalgic NOLA post comin on

  3. For some reason I haven't seen these photos! Congrats on the win, lady! I'm glad I was able to pull my sassy weight.