Wednesday, August 25, 2010

miles covered

I'm sorry but this song is still incredible.

I can't believe our August of Camping and Tramping is already over! We got back to Nashville yesterday, and Nick and I are both recovering and being spoiled at our parents' houses for a few days before we LEAVE FOR BOSTON SUNDAY!

How about some trip stats?

Miles traveled: 4,004
Days traveling: 26
Hours driving: 72+
Route: Atlanta, GA to Franklin, TN to Edisto Beach, SC to Franklin, TN to Jefferson National Forest, VA to Shaker Village, KY to Charleston, WV to Shenandoah National Forest, VA to Hatteras, NC to Emerald Isle, NC to Wilmington, NC to Conway, SC to Atlanta, GA to Franklin TN

This balls-out crazy trip surpasses our former record-breaking trips: Atlanta to NYC to Atlanta (1760 miles/30 hours) and Austin to Nashville to Chicago [to Berlin via plane] to Nashville to Austin (2682 miles/44 hours, not counting the plane trip to Berlin). We love to drive but even we have to admit that this was a little nuts. But my LORD was it fun!

As you can imagine, I have a lot of posting to do about our adventures! I'll be getting stuff up one post at a time over the next few weeks. Now that I've learned to use Blogger's handy-dandy blog-scheduling tool, with any luck I'll have blogs posting even after we leave for Boston Sunday. Have I mentioned that I'm moving to Boston on Sunday? I digress. If you want a little ~sneak peek~ of our adventures, check out my flickr for lots of pictures.

Stay tuned for all kinds of assorted fun.

Discussion Question:
What is the longest road trip you've ever taken?

* * * * *

This is part three in my series about my August of Camping and Tramping.

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  1. It was so nice to finally meet you! And we're thankful you were willing to travel out of your way to our little neck of the woods for conversation of silly bands and robotics over a plate of spaghetti.

    4,004 miles, that's quite a tour. I'm glad the two of you had the opportunity, and good luck with the move to Boston!

  2. 4,000 miles!


    I can't really say it was the longest trip, but I did drive from Nashville to Boston and back to Boston within a weekend. I'm pretty sure I was in town for 8 hours (long enough for my mom to bake me a pie) before driving back to Boston.
    It was ridiculous.
    And on top of that I dragged along this kid who I had only been seeing for two weeks.
    It was a very bad idea.

    Eep! Boston!

    You will totally love it.


    Love you two and I'm glad you made it back safely!

  3. Jim, it was so lovely meeting you and your family! We talked about how wonderful you all are halfway to Wilmington. I hope we won't go so long again without visiting. :) Love to the whole fam from the DePalmas!

  4. Denise, GIRL, you are crazy! What did your boything think of his whirlwind trip to the South to see Sister Rose?

  5. You forgot a trip from Atlanta to Asheville/Deerfields about a week and a half from our start date earlier (I dunno if it counts). But if we count it - that's an additional 464 miles :-P

  6. I can't believe Transformus was only a week or so before we moved!

  7. Longest in a single day: The roundtrip single-day visit we made to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam over Fourth of July weekend. It was so much fun, we got to see so much of California, but good God I was tired when we got home.

  8. Impressive trip! Longest I've gone was Michigan to Texas, I think, but it wasn't very leisurely. Will be heading to Nashville next week, and I might have to ask you for Asheville recs. But maybe we can meet up in Boston after you've settled in a bit.

  9. That sounds fantastic! It's always nice to visit with a kindred disgruntled former Classicist. We should start a support group.