Sunday, August 8, 2010

we're on the road to nowhere

Bangin new music video from Biscuits and Gravy, ie my best friend Emily and her friend Steve.

As many of you know, Nick and Boudreaux and I are celebrating our transition from the Dirty South to Yankeeland by taking a big aimless camping trip this month. Since I know you've all been losing sleep wondering where we were going to go first, I have decided to end your tossing and turning.

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Asheville, NC, where we will spend one lazy night before making our way to Edisto Beach State Park in South Carolina. We'll be camping for three nights in a tent in a secluded spot in a live oak forest about 1.5 miles from the beach. How did we choose this particular locale? It's the closest place on the Atlantic where we can camp with our dog.

X marks the area we'll be camping in.

We have big nothing planned while we're there. The week will consist of

grilled peaches

sunrises over the beach

Edisto Beach State Park

farm-stand produce

meeting other camping hoboes

Edisto Beach State Park

shish kebabs for every meal

and most importantly

dog butt in the sand

artist rendering of Boudreaux

Wish us luck as we embark on the first 600 miles!

it's gonna be just like this, except with less snuggies and children

Discussion Question:
Where do you want to see Nick and Katie go on their month of Camping and Tramping?

* * * * *

This is part one in my series about my August of Camping and Tramping.

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  1. Probably to the Oregon coast, where dogs are allowed almost everywhere!

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me, and keep us posted about good food on the way 'cause I think I'll be doing about the route at some point. And better the road to nowhere than a Greyhound bound for nowhere...

  3. Gettysburg was an awesome place to camp! You should totally go there!

  4. thanks for the ideas, darlins!

  5. Hey, Asheville and Edisto is a good combination! My folks alternate between those same two towns for their semi-nomadic retirement. :) Camping at Edisto Beach in August might not be very romantic, though.

  6. James--turned out you were totally right. It was SO HOT