Tuesday, July 13, 2010

:15, :14, :13...

Underappreciated solo effort by fellow attention whore Geri Halliwell/Ginger Spice

Things happen in threes, right? Like...celebrity deaths? And...the Holy Trinity?

Something interesting happened in triplicate recently. Over the last three days, my husband and I have been in three big news stories!

BREAKING NEWS ITEM #1: Landing gear problems on our flight from ATL to KC

On Saturday, Nick and I flew up to Kansas City to visit my darling grandmother in northern Missouri. Neither of us are crazy about flying but we considered the 14-hour drive for a weekend trip to be a bit egregious even for us. Our Delta flight (1163) was pretty unremarkable until we started our descent. We got near the airport and then...flew past it. Alert people on the plane started to look a little alarmed. One by one the copilots strode purposefully toward the back of the plane and opened a small hatch. For a moment it felt like the cabin was losing pressure. The flight attendants started to look a little nervous. We flew past the airport again, and then again, so low and close it seemed like we could just jump out, thank you. They finally said over the intercom that there was some issue with the landing gear. People shifted nervously in their seats. After a few more loops past the airport, they finally put the plane down on a runway lined with police cars and ambulances. Turns out it was just a problem with the landing gear sensor and not the the gear itself, which they apparently ascertained by flying right past air traffic control so they could see if the gear was down. Is that seriously the emergency procedure? How much could they really see when we're whooshing by at 400 miles an hour? Whatever. I'm just glad we lived to tell the tale. Nick and I were a little rattled but had already mostly forgotten about it when we heard a report about our flight on NPR national. Which was weird. And cool. Read the boring AJC article


Have I ever mentioned that I am married to a genius? Nick programs robots. His research is particularly focused on human-robot interaction and the way robots and humans learn from each other. Apparently the New York Times came to his lab at Georgia Tech to check out Simon, the robot he's been working on with his colleagues for the last two years under the watchful eye of Dr. Andrea Thomaz. The article is pretty interesting, but what I like most of all is that a PHOTO OF NICK AND SIMON LEADS THE ARTICLE!

Incredible, incredible. There's also a blurb about the Media Lab at MIT, where Nick will be starting in the fall. By the way, if anyone has a copy of the Sunday Times laying around, PLEASE hold onto it for me! We were in the middle of nowhere on Sunday and couldn't find a Sunday Times to save our lives. Read the article!!!

BREAKING NEWS ITEM #3: Our wedding is featured on Offbeat Brides!

Aaand on Monday night, I got word that our wedding was going to be featured on Offbeat Bride! I absolutely adore this website--it features unusual weddings of all stripes and it is hands-down the best website for wedding inspiration, as far as I'm concerned. As soon as we got our incredible wedding photos back, I wrote up a profile and submitted it to Offbeat Bride. Now, almost a year later, here it is! And I have to admit, I really enjoyed reading it! Click here to read it for yourself.


So I think our stock is up. Think I could parlay all this publicity into a guest spot on Law & Order: SVU?

Discussion question: Discuss your brushes with fame. Links encouraged.


  1. Damn K!!

    That's terrifying, incredible and AWESOME (in that order)!

    You look amazing, btw. :)

  2. So glad you guys are okay! The AJC article was pretty much the MOST RIVETING four sentences I've ever read.

    Also, GO TEAM DEPALMA! Woohoo!

    I read this a few weeks ago, http://barefootfoodie.com/2010/07/01/about-utah-part-two-signs/ and when hearing about your Kansas City flight - I couldn't help but think of it. It's equal parts entertaining and terrifying.

    Love you guys!

  3. oh jeez! that blog article hit closet o home. thanks for sharing darlin!!! xoxoxo

  4. My only brushes with fame lately have been twice-ish removed but I love them nonetheless:

    A. My roommate's best friend is Christina Perri. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31749_162-20009393-10391698.html

    B. My parents moved into a condo kind of near Kid Rock.

    Love you :)

    P.S. There's an episode of The West Wing in which the same landing gear sensor issue happens.

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