Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hell is a half-packed house. pass the packing tape!

I wanna go back to sleep.

To say that things are kind of crazy right now is the understatement of the century. July has seen my bittersweet last day of work at Peachtree Publishers; a wild visit from my beloved Davina; a trip to Missouri to visit my grandmother, great uncle, and wonderful cousins; an incredible experience in North Carolina at Transformus, my first burn, which included serving breakfast to hundreds of people in the woods AND having my car, the Spruce Goose, get stuck in a muddy ditch and only barely survive the subsequent 5 tows out; AND teaching a crazy week-long all-day critical writing class for 14 middle schoolers at Margaret Mitchell House that involved taking a major field trip EVERY DAY.

I am exhausted.

And guess what! The U-Haul arrives tomorrow afternoon!

Remember how we're moving to Boston? Well, now we are actually starting the moving part. We're packing up our stuff, driving it to Nashville Saturday morning, putting it in storage, and taking the month of August off for our Summer of Camping and Tramping, wherein Nick and I make no plans and do whatever we feel like and drive all around and go camping. I cannot wait.

Sadly, there are a whole lot of boxes to be packed and loaded and unloaded before our carefree August begins. Le sigh.

Moving has always made me a little emo. Hence the Modest Mouse. I realized tonight that I always end up doing the same thing when I move: listening to "Gravity Rides Everything" and writing about how much I hate to move. So I have unearthed some of my emo scribblings about the trials of moving over the last decade or so for your enjoyment.

MAY 2003: Moving out of my dorm room (and temporarily to Davina's house) and into my first apartment
TRAUMA: My suitemate "broke up" with me--i.e. told me she didn't want to be friends anymore.

MAY 14, 2003--the room is emptying itself gradually. boxes have been lugged endlessly and we've almost purged ourselves of this year. and in a very real way. in the cleaning of the suite, one of my suitemates decided that our friendship belongs out in the dumpster behind new res* with the discarded magazines and ill-fitting jeans, things too heavy or not worth moving to a new place...

moving out last year found me in the same place - sitting in my empty dorm room, listening to modest mouse** and crying quietly to myself at the prospect of time in franklin. taking on new things is easy for me - it's giving them up that sucks. this has been a really marvelous year for me despite all the infinite drama.

this morning, i was staring at a pile of clothes that didn't fit me anymore. i could not bear to get rid of them despite the fact that i would never wear them again. ashley said to me, "katie, you never throw ANYTHING away." this statement has rung true for me all day.

*new res = New Residential Hall, now Carrollton Hall, my dorm at Loyola. No one thought New Rez was a weird name for a dorm and we were all sad when it got a real name.
**bonus! according to livejournal, I was listening to "Gravity Rides Everything" as I wrote this entry.

MAY 15, 2003--My sophomore year of college has been drained to the dregs. Last night was a true-blue disaster*...I sat in my spot on Steph’s stripped bed and looked around that room for the last time. I couldn’t help but stare hard at the wake left by four girls who can’t wait to move away from one another...I just wonder how I’ll feel when I read this in a year or two.**

*I still think true-blue disaster is a great turn of phrase. To my dismay, it appears 132 other times on the internet so I can't claim it.
**according to livejournal, I was listening to "Trailer Trash" by Modest Mouse when I wrote this entry.

MAY 2006: Moving out of my apartment in Texas after my first year of grad school
TRAUMA: Facing the end of the hardest year of my life and reckoning with the idea that I had to go back the next fall

Not very much has changed. Three years ago at around this time, I was having a smoke and ljing about my awful move out of New Res. Now I'm having a smoke and ljing about my awful move out of Villa Solano. I hate moving. Particularly moving out. Moving in is kind of fun, actually. I just want to be FINISHED - have all this shit moved out of here and get in the car and just RUN - run away from Austin and this life that has treated me so strangely....

Steve's been very retrospective about this year, and I am all whateva whateva. I don't think I am ready to digest this year yet - I just need to get out of here and clear my head and rest for a while....Too much thinking for tonight. Time to sleep for about twelve seconds before the packing resumes.

JULY 2008: Moving from Texas to Atlanta
TRAUMA: Moving across the country.

I'm sitting looking around my apartment half-packed and there's trash everywhere and stuff all over the floor. I have to get all of this packed up and ready to drive out of town on Saturday morning. I'm leaving for Atlanta and it's really starting to set in. It's so weird to be leaving Austin even though I knew all along that this was a temporary engagement and that I was only gonna be in Austin for a little while which is really bizarre. Nick and I use to say to each other almost every day oh my God we live in Texas and it was so weird and now we're like oh my God we're leaving Texas this is so weird.... I should stop rambling but I just seem like I need to record this feeling. This sort of like half-packed, unsettled, weird feeling, having said my goodbyes but not yet being out of town.*

*If this reads a little funny, it's because this is transcribed from a livejournal voice post, where I did spoken blogs.

* * *

Soooooo...I'm sitting here looking around my half-packed apartment and feeling kind of emo and weird. Not very much has changed. In the same place as always, listening to Modest Mouse and trying to digest the upheaval. I'm ready to just be packed and finished so I can just run away from Atlanta and this life here that has treated me so strangely. I'll miss my dear friends, especially my Lanier, but four 500+ mile moves have taught me that we'll see each other again and keep in touch. I'm not throwing them out with the truckload of stuff I'm taking to Goodwill. I collect friends like owls everywhere I go. I'm hearing Ashley's voice in my head: Katie, you never throw anything away. In a way, was it a compliment?

I just wonder how I'll feel when I read this in a year or two.

Too much thinking for tonight. Time to sleep for about twelve seconds before the packing resumes.

Discussion Question:
Not really a question, just a topic. Discuss how much moving sucksss


  1. It's almost been a decade since we all met in college? 7 years since we lived in New Res?

  2. good luck with the move, katie j! when i go home to massachusetts for christmas let's get together! wouldn't that be insane?!!!

  3. I know! It makes me feel so old! Wasn't it just yesterday our walls were adorned with Sucma and pages of the Ashley the Teenage Model coloring book?

  4. Katie C, I am so down. You can show me how New Englanders party!

  5. kmjdp - Oh lordy, I remember New Res and NOLA and the veritable drama.

    You know, moving doesn't bother me so much. My Type-A personality kicks into hyper-drive so my moves have typically been organized and efficient and pretty good to me. Fortunately, our last move (~3 months ago) looks to be our last for a good number of years. I don't want to contemplate packing not only my stuff and Frank's stuff and our stuff - but kids' stuff!

  6. we'll get hopped up on dunkin donuts (which you will refer to as "dunky" or "dunks") then chug bud light out of sam adams glasses!

  7. Oh Katie, I'm already experiencing a hint of what you're going through. My furthest move was from Tyler to Austin, a grand total of about 300 miles. I didn't have all that much stuff either, having recently (and graciously) relocated to my dad's spare bedroom after a crazy traumatic falling out with my mom...

    But this move is off the continent and onto a tiny island in the Pacific... everything's gotta go and I've already had more than one emotional moment as I list my books for sale on Amazon and start cleaning out closets for Goodwill. We've still got about 4 months before the move, but I already feel the need to purge.

    Oh and we are totally stealing your "Y'all Come Over For Drinks and Dinner and Please Take All Our Stuff Home With You" party idea.


  8. I had a houseful of stuff in Nashville, and it was killer getting rid of it. I'm kind of trying not to do that again...though the suckiness distracted from the emo for most of the time, at least.

    Funnily enough, my remaining stuff is in Nashville storage too :-)

    Good luck with the move!

  9. oh Cobes, you are just where I long to be! living in a house I own that I won't have to move out of in 365 days or less. :)


  11. WorstProf, perhaps your things in storage in Nashville and my things in storage in Nashville can hang out when they get lonely. :)

    Seriously though, purging feels SO GOOD but it is so painful too! After the final push yesterday of getting everything in the U-Haul, I'm feeling like I definitely did not purge enough. I wish I could be one of those people with like 2 glasses and a toothbrush and a set of sheets whose houses look like gorgeous stark catalog pages. Did these people not keep their high school yearbooks and extensive collection of ceramic owls??? HOW??